Dean Wang 汪定中- Descendants of the Sun OST English Medley Lyric

Dean Wang  汪定中- Descendants of the Sun OST English Medley Lyric

Dean Wang  汪定中- Descendants of the Sun OST English Medley Lyric

As I’m looking into your eyes
everything seems so calm
I don’t remember when it all began

You just walked right into my life
wearing a shirt in white
I knew you were the one I wanted by my side

I Love You
I’m trying to let you know
Only You
Can make me feel this away
Oh it’s gonna be okay
I’ll always be there
Whenever, wherever you are

I’ve been trying to hold it back but now
you’ve got me all crazy
and I just can’t stop thinking about your love

It must something in the air you breathe
taking over me
day by day yeah

Your eyes are like the stars
they’re shining so brightly
and I don’t know just what to say
looking at your pretty face

Now, I finally figured out
I’m in love with you yeah
Just listen to me now

Oh Every time I see you
When I’m looking in your eyes
you’re the one I wanna hold on tight and
I would never hurt you
you’re the one who changed my life
I can’t live another day without you

Take my hand oh
Never let go
I just wanna be with you and
I just wanna hold you close
I’ve been waiting
all my life
oh you and me were meant to be
you are my only one

When I see your face
There’s not a thing that I would change
Coz you’re amazing just the way you are

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