AKB48 – Negaigoto No Mochigusare 願いごとの持ち腐れ Lyrics 歌詞 with English Translation

AKB48 – Negaigoto No Mochigusare 願いごとの持ち腐れ Lyrics 歌詞 with Romaji and English Translation

AKB48 - Negaigoto No Mochigusare 願いごとの持ち腐れ Lyrics with English Translation

Singer : AKB48
Album : Negaigoto No Mochigusare 願いごとの持ち腐れ
Title : Negaigoto No Mochigusare 願いごとの持ち腐れ
English Title : An useless wish / unused wish

もしも 魔法が使えて
Moshimo mahō ga tsukae te
If we can use a magic
yume ga hitotsu kanau nara ba
to make a dream comes true
きっと 世界の誰もが
kitto sekai no dare mo ga
Surely everyone in the world
shiawase ni naru
(will) be happy

namida ( hitotsubu mo ) nanka ( sō kitto )
Tears(even just one teardrop) something (that’s surely)
nagasu mono wa i nai ( kibō )
Will not flow again (a hope)
kanashimi no ( kanashimi no ) shu wa
The seeds of the sorrow
subete ( subete ) kieru daro u
Everything will disappear

negaigoto no mochigusare
An useless wish
ichido kiri no mahō nante
All come true with just one magic
are mo kore mo yoku ga de te
The desire about it and that arises
ima sugu ni kimerare nai yo
I can’t decide right now
mayotteru uchi ni tasogare
While I’m doubting, twilight

ある日 些細(ささい)なことから
aru hi sasai ( sasai ) na koto kara
One day, from a trivial thing(trivial thing)
arasotteru ni nin ga i ta
There were two people fighting
boku wa omowa zu negatta
I unwittingly hoped
nakayoku shi te to…
(They will) be friend…

boku ni ( sagashite ta ) totte ( ikiru michi )
I was(looking for) take (a living way)
tatta ichi do kiri no ( chansu )
The only one (chance)
taisetsu na ( taisetsu na ) mahō
The important magic (magic)
koko de ( koko de ) tsukatta n da
I used it here (here) 

negaigoto ni kui wa nai
There is no regret on the wish
jibun no tame ja mayou dake
It means nothing for yourself
sekaijū ga dare ka no tame
For someone all over the world
negae tara hitotsu ni nareru
I wish, everyone becomes one
bi emi wa ai no yoake da
A smile is the dawn of love

negaigoto no mochigusare
An useless wish
mahō nanka hoshiku wa nai
I do not want a magic
kanae tai yume wa ōi kedo
There are many wishes that I want to fulfill
hontō no negai wa nani ka
What is the real wish?
mitsukerare ta nara shiawase
If it can be found, that is happiness

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