New ONE OK ROCK Songs 2017 List

ONE OK ROCK is an alternative rock band from Japan which was establish in 2005, with the current member Taka as vocalist, Toru as gitarist, Ryota as a bassist, and Tomoya as drummer,
Last year, ONE OK ROCK released their latest music album which named 35xxxv with a total 13 tracks and 15 tracks for deluxe edition.

New ONE OK ROCK Songs 2016 List

I think 35xxxv is practically a new album, due to the new album released last year, but in accordance with the title, we will mainly discuss the new ONE OK ROCK songs which release in 2017, are you ready ?

Before we go to this year ONE OK ROCK new songs… I will share to you which 35xxxv songs that I like so much, so here we go.

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Best 35xxxv songs according Musicacrossasia 

New ONE OK ROCK Songs 2016 List

02. Take Me to The Top
03. Cry Out
04. Suddenly
05. Mighty Long Fall
07. Memories
08. Decision
12. Stuck in the middle

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New ONE OK ROCK Songs 2016 List

Actually, ONE OK ROCK did not release many new songs in this year (at least until this September), only two new songs that you can hear and one new cover songs, what is that ?

Always Coming Back

Always Coming Back is one of the latest ONE OK ROCK songs which released in early 2016, this song is used as iPhone 6 ads, Always Coming Back was very popular when this song was uploaded on youtube, in the just first few days, the advertising video was watched by hundreds of thousands of people.

This song is considered to have many similarities with the songs ONE OK ROCK in 35xxxv , one of ONE OK ROCK songs which is used as the comparison is the Last Dance.

I’m always coming back to you
You got me till the end
I’m always coming back to you
You keep pulling me in
I’m always coming back

See full lyrics here : ONE OK ROCK – Always Coming Back Lyrics

Hard to Love

Hard to Love have a beautiful lyrics, and of course… ‘magical’ Taka voice…
Taka said he wrote this song about his father, about his young-life.
It’s simply beautiful song ( if you love ONE OK ROCK slow song , but I’m sure whoever you are you will enjoy this song )

You show me that I was just a ‘diamond in the rough’.
You helped me to grow into the man that I’ve become.
We’ve been down,
we’ve been up.
I hope I made you proud enough.
You make it look easy, even when I’m hard to love.

See full lyrics here : ONE OK ROCK – Hard to Love Lyrics

The End.

New ONE OK ROCK Songs List 2016

Like just I said before, that ONE OK ROCK will release their new cover song from My Chemical Romance, This cover song will be included in the album Rock Sound Presents: The Black Parade,

In this album contained songs from the album 10 years ago, but performed a variety of the best bands from around the world. ONE OK ROCK gets a opening song , ‘The End.’.

This album will be release on 14 September 2016.

Taking Off

New ONE OK ROCK Songs 2016 List

Another new ONE OK ROCK songs this year is Taking Off, this song will be released on September 16th, this song reportedly will become the theme song of Japanese movie, Museum .
This single will be released online worldwide.
So are you ready to hear this song ?

See the full lyrics here : ONE OK ROCK – Taking Off Lyrics

Update 11/01/2017

New ONE OK ROCK Album, Ambitions

It’s official!
ONE OK ROCK will release their new album in January, 2017.
It’s called “Ambitions”.
This album have two version, Japan and English.
Both of album containing 14 tracks,
-Bombs Away
-Taking Off – released, see the lyrics : here
-We Are – released, see the lyrics : here ( Japanese version lyrics )
-20/20(English Version) / Jaded (Japanese version)
-Always Coming Back ( Japanese version ) – released , see the lyrics : here / Hard to Love ( English version )
-Bedroom Warfare – released , See the lyrics : here.
-Lost in Tonight ( English Version ) / American Girl ( Japanese version )
-I was King – released , see the lyrics : here.
-One Way Ticket
-Bon Voyage
-Start Again
-Take What You Want

You can buy this album on iTunes

Latest ONE OK ROCK Music Video on Youtube :

We Are ( Japanese version )

I was King


Which one is your favorite? Tell us if you know another new ONE OK ROCK song(s) ,
Feel free to share this list and tell your friend about this!
That’s all for our 2017 list. We’ll keep this list of new songs updated, so don’t forget to bookmark this blog.
Thank you!

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