Top 10 Best Indonesian Pop Music Songs (with MV!)

There are lot newcomers in Indonesian music industry who rose last year, how about 2021? We made a special list about the best and most popular Indonesian pop music songs in 2021. Let’s see it:

Top 10 Best Indonesian Pop Music Songs

How this post was made: We researched some Indonesian music chart and picked some popular songs and put it in this list. Anyway, we will also add some songs which released before 2021 if that song is still popular in 2021. You can also share to another people what is your favorite Indonesian song in comment section, we are waiting for you!

Updated on 30 January, 2021
We removed and added some songs, its music video, and description.

Popular Indonesian Songs in 2021 that You Should Listen to:

Rizky Febian – Makna Cinta (The Meaning of Love)

The first song in this list is a new song from Indonesian young pop star, Rizky Febian. Makna Cinta was released in late 2020 and still popular until now in 2021. Makna Cinta is the third song of Febian’s trilogy song caled “Garis Cinta”. Hel tells that the trilogy of Garis Cinta tells the process of finding true love. This trilogy shows how the struggle, sacrifice and desire to have someone. Just like his previous songs, acoustic guitar and percussion instruments still dominate with a touch of electronic beats. Do you like this song? tell us what do you think.

Budi Doremi – Melukis Senja (Painting Sunset)

Budi Doremi, who got its popularity after he released a ‘do re mi’ song almost ten years ago, released a new amazing song called Melukis Senja. Melukis Senja is currently being loved and is being listened to by Indonesian music lovers, it’s no wonder that its official music video on Youtube has been viewed by more than 50 million views. This song with love-themed lyrics is also popular and is trending in music streaming applications such as Joox and other applications. It’s a love song with sweet lyrics, about a man who will always there for his loved one, laugh and cry together.

If you’re interested what the lyrics means, you can listen to this English version cover here.

Anneth – Mungkin Hari Ini atau Esok Nanti (Today, Tomorrow, or Later)

Mungkin Hari Ini Esok atau Nanti is the second single by Indonesian pop rising star, Anneth that very popular in 2021. This song is about sad and bad feeling after losing the beloved one. It’s lyrics and melody are really good, no doubt this song is topped in some Indonesian music charts. Released in October 2020, the official music video of this song has been viewed by more than 45 million viewers. Anneth is winner of the Indonesian Idol junior season 3, broadcast by Indonesian TV station, RCTI in 2018.

Tiara Andini feat.  Arsyi Widianto – Cintanya Aku (You’re My Only One)

In Cintanya Aku, which was released one weeks ago, the soft voices of the two young rising star of Indonesian pop merged with the musical arrangement made by Yovie Widianto. The lyrics are also very relatable to the experiences experienced by young people. No doubt, this song became so popular, even the music video of this song has been viewed by mroe than 5 millions within 1 weeks only and was trending on YouTube Indonesia.

Nadin Amizah – Bertaut

Nadin Amizah is another Indonesian young rising star who got her popularity sky-rocketed in these months. “Bertaut” is part of Selamat Ulang Tahun, Nadin Amizah’s newest album which was released on her birthday on May 28, 2020. This song has been streamed by morethan 26 million of listeners in Spotify, definitely, Bertaut was topped as #2 in Spotify Charts Indonesia in this early 2021.  “Bertaut” won the AMI Awards 2020 for the category ‘Folk / Country / Ballad Production Works. How do you think, do you like this song?

Tulus – Adaptasi (Adaptation)

The latest song of top Indonesian singer, Tulus. Adaptasi (eng: Adaptation) is indeed one of the most popular song in Indonesia at the moment. This song tell us about while there are a lot of negative impact because of the current situation during the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, there are still positive things that we can learn. This situation can be the way to get to know one another and not forget to remain grateful for God’s grace.

Andmesh – Nyaman (Comfortable)

After got his success with all three previous singles, Andmesh career skyrocketed after launching this latest song. Nyaman (literally, comfortable) is one of the most played Indonesian song in these days. Because of this song popularity, there are some international Youtube make a cover of this song and did the English version of Nyaman.

This song tells about the journey in search of love and finally found a perfect partner for him and made him “comfortable”. This song music video has been watched by more than 35 millions viewers until now. Amazing.

Another Andmesh’s song that got its popularity in 2020 and 2021 is Kumau Dia. If you like Nyaman, you will like Kumau Dia too, for sure.

Mahen – Datang untuk Pergi (Came to Go)

A new song of Indonesian young pop star, Mahen. After did a great job with its debut song, Pura Pura Lupa, he did not disappoint his fans by releasing another great song, Datang untuk Pergi. This song is included in top 5 most popular song in Indonesia by several music charts and its official music video in YouTube has been viewed by millions of viewers.

In this pop mellow song, Mahen tell us a story about toxic relationship, “Don’t ever comeback again if in the end, you’ll go again. Don’t ever try to fix our relationship, you just came to go.” Pretty sad song, right?

Rayen Pono –  Tanya Hati (Asking The Heart)

A new arragement of Tanya Hati by Rayen Pono. Rayen Pono is an ex-member of Pasto, a group band who originally sang this song. This new arragement got the warmth welcome from Indonesian music lovers. The new version of this song are more fresh, more enjoyable to listen.

This is a ballad song, tell us a story of broken up love because of lacks of trust and understanding each other. Which one do you prefer, do you like the new version or the original one?

Armada – Awas Jatuh Cinta (Watch Out, You Will Be Falling In Love)

Awas Jatuh Cinta is the latest single from popular Indonesian band, Armada. Awas Jatuh Cinta which means “Watch out, you’ll be falling in love” is one of the most popular Indonesian songs in 2020-2021. This song tells us about a common, relatable situation which a man who chasing his lover, but unfortunately the girl that he chased didn’t give a good response and even hate him. But in the end, with the never-ending spirit, the girl fell in love with the man.

One of the reasons why this song is special is because of the music video. The music video is starred with the big name actor and actress, even the director is the director of one of most watched Indonesian Movie, Dilan 1990. This music video has been watched with more than 60 millions people until this January 2021.

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So that is the list of best Indonesian pop songs in 2021. So in this popular song list, which one is your favorite song?
Don’t hesitate to write your favorite song and share it to our readers around the world. Feel free to share this list to your friends.
Hope you enjoyed our list, have a good day.

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