5 Best 周興哲 Eric Chou Songs You Must Listen

Eric Chou 周興哲 ( Zhou Xing Zhe ) is young talented Taiwanese singer, he moved to USA when he 13 and back to Taiwan when he 18, he become popular when Eric Chou’s “Let’s Not Be Friend in Future” ( 以後別做朋友 ) become official soundtrack of Taiwanese drama “The Way We Were”.

5 Best 周興哲 Eric Chou Songs You Must Hear

Until now, he has released 5 albums so far. The debut album is “My Way To Love” 學著愛 and the latest is “What Love Has Taught Us” 小時候的我們 which just released in 2020.

So, we have some favorites Eric Chou songs, and I want to share it with you all, here we go:

5. Always Believe in Love 

Always Believe in Love is part of Eric Chou latest album, When We Were Young. The calm and tender arragement is the big reason why I love this song so much. The lyrics is also awesome, “Looking forward to the future, you make me believe in love.” Try to listen it and tell me why do you like it.

4. What’s Wrong

A perfect blend between Eric Chou nice voice, good lyrics, and cool music. This song tell us about the couple that just broke up. A ballad song, but with different taste, a beat music that flow throughout the song is a good thing to enjoy. 

Listen the song and tell us what do you think about this song!

3. I’m Happy 

The no. 7 track from the 2020 released album, When We Were Young. When I listened this song, it remind me about a famous saying: “The greatest of love is letting go.” This quote can describe well what this song about.

Just look at the lyrics here: “I said seriously that I’m happy, it’s make you cry.
You’ve find your happines, don’t waste it.
Need how many mistakes to make to finally understand what love is”

2. How Have You Been ? (你,好不好?)

So… the Best 周興哲 Eric Chou Song goes to “How Have You Been?” ( 你,好不好? )…

How Have You Been Occupy the major well-known Hit Music chart ( KKBOX, Omusic, myMusic, iTunes) for a long time in 2016-2017…, “How Have You Been?” have a deep-meaning lyrics which will make we overflowing with feelings of regret and missing.

Eric Chou really can make us feel what the song “says”… amazing.

1. Enough 

Our favorite Eric Chou songs in 2020 is Enough. Another Eric Chou song that will make you cry a lot, especially after watch the official music video that released in Youtube. Enough tell us a couple that can’t be together anymore. The beautiful memories, dreams that they had in the past are gone now. Surely that they want to go back to the time that they are together, but of course that it couldn’t be happen.

See the lyrics here: Enough Lyrics

That is 5 Best 周興哲 Eric Chou Songs You Must Hear according to Musicacrossasia, which one is your favorite Eric Chou song? 

Do you have your own list of Eric Chou best songs? let’s share with us in the comments field.

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