Started to miss watching Mayday 五月天 concert in 2020? This virtual concert is your antidote

Started to miss watching the Mayday 五月天 concert? This Mayday 五月天 2020 virtual concert is your antidote.

Started to miss watching Mayday concert? This Mayday 2020 virtual concert is your antidote

Our wish to watch the popular Taiwanese band, Mayday concert this year officially vanishes.

A few days ago, Mayday’s Just Rock It 2020 Singapore promoter told us that the concert in Singapore that originally scheduled on Aug 30, 2020, can’t be held because of the recent advisory issued by local authorities.

They also announced that the concert is rescheduled to Feb 27, 2021.

Long before Mayday concert’s postponed, there are some concerts of Chinese pop singers that either postponed or canceled, such as 林俊傑 (JJ Lin), 周杰倫 (Jay Chou) concerts.

But if you are Mayday’s fans, worry no more.

Just a week ago, Mayday’s held a free long virtual concert, titled as “Mayday’s live in the sky”
In this one-hour long virtual concert, Mayday was performing several songs, including their masterpieces: Suddenly Missing You, Starry Sky, and Party Animal.

This virtual concert was held in Taipei Municipal Stadium, a place that normally seats thousands, but due to the ongoing pandemic, there is no audience at all. This place is special for Mayday because of Taipei Municipal Stadium is the place of the band’s first major concert after their debut.

But the seats weren’t empty though, because there are glow sticks that placed in every seat that made the virtual concert more lively.

The quality of the video and sound was just awesome. It’s an amazing gift to Mayday’s fans during this pandemic.

Some popular guest stars also performed in this concert, such as 李榮浩 (Ronghao Li), 蕭敬騰 (Jam Hsiao), and 毛不易 (Mao Bu Yi).

The virtual concert drew in more than 35 million viewers on Tencent Music and was trending in Sina Weibo. A week after its release on YouTube, the video has clocked more than 5 million views.

Have you watched it? How do you feel?

If you’re not watching it yet, you can watch the 2020 virtual concert below.

I hope this pandemic ends quickly, so we can sing and rock together again. Have a good day!

五月天 [ 突然好想見到你 ] Mayday live in the sky 線上演唱會

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