G.E.M., YouTube first Chinese female singers with 3 music video that broke 100 million view

G.E.M., YouTube first Chinese female singers with 3 music video that broke 100 million view

Popular Hong Kongese pop singer, G.E.M. just achieved an impressive achievement a few days ago. She became the first Chinese female singer to have 3 music videos that uploaded on YouTube with over 100 million views.

She achieved this after her song, 倒數 (Tik Tok) officially broke through 100 million views a few days ago. Two other songs of G.E.M. that record over 100 million views are 光年之外 (Light Years Away) and 再見 (Goodbye).

The only Chinese singer who his 3 music video on YouTube got more than 100 million views beside G.EM. is 周杰倫 (Jay Chou), a popular Chinese singer who dubbed as the King of Mandopop.

G.E.M., whose real name is Gloria Tang, has a 12 years long music career and has made countless great songs and achievements. She is known for her impressive vocal range and piano skills.

Becoming the first Chinese female singers with 3 music videos with over a million views on YouTube, she said that she is really happy and will continue to work hard to write more songs in the future.

She also added that another new music video will be released at the end of the month.

You can listen and see the lyrics of G.E.M.’s Tik Tok here: G.E.M 鄧紫棋 – TIKTOK 倒數 (Dao Shu) Lyrics

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