Leslie Cheung 張國榮 – The Wind Continues to Blow 風繼續吹 Lyrics 歌詞 with English Translation

Leslie Cheung 張國榮 – The Wind Continues to Blow 風繼續吹 (Fung Gai Zuk Ceoi) Lyrics 歌詞 with English Translation | 張國榮風繼續吹英文歌詞

Leslie Cheung 張國榮 - The Wind Continues to Blow 風繼續吹 (Fung Gai Zuk Ceoi) Lyrics 歌詞 with English Translation | 張國榮風繼續吹英文歌詞

Singer: Leslie Cheung 張國榮
Album: The Wind Continues to Blow 風繼續吹
Title: 風繼續吹 (Fung Gai Zuk Ceoi)
English Title: The Wind Continues to Blow

ngo5 hyun3 nei5 zou2 dim2 gwai1 heoi3
I asked you to go home
nei5 syut3 nei5 bat1 soeng2 gwai1 heoi3
You told me you didn’t want to go
zi2 giu3 ngo5 pou5 zoek6/ nei5
You asked me to hold you tight
jau4 jau4 hoi2 fung1 hing1/heng1 hing1/heng1 ceoi1
A gust of wind blew
laang5 koek3 liu5 je5 fo2 deoi1
To blow out the burning flame

ngo5 hon3 gin3 soeng1 sam1 dik1 nei5
I saw you feeling upset
nei5 giu3 ngo5 zam2 se2 dak1 heoi3
How could I possibly let you go?
huk1 taai3 jaa5 zyut6 mei5
Even the tears had touched me
jyu4 ho4 zi2 huk1 zi2 dak1 hing1/heng1 man5 nei5 faat3 bin1
If only I could kiss your tears away

讓風繼續吹 不忍遠離
joeng6 fung1 gai3 zuk6 ceoi1 bat1 jan2 jyun5 lei4
But the wind continues to blow 
sam1 leoi5 gik6 hot3 mong6 hei1 mong6 lau4 haa6 bun6 zoek6/ nei5
I’ve always wanted to be with you all the time
風繼續吹 不忍遠離
fung1 gai3 zuk6 ceoi1 bat1 jan2 jyun5 lei4
The Wind Continues to Blow, never wanted to apart
sam1 leoi5 jik6 jau5 leoi6
I broke into tears
bat1 jyun6 lau4 leoi6 mong6 zoek6/ nei5
yet holding back my tears in front of you

過去多少 快樂記憶 何妨與你 一起去追
gwo3 heoi3 do1 siu23 faai3 lok6/ngok6 gei3 jik1 ho4 fong4 jyu5 nei5 jat1 hei2 heoi3 zeoi1
Together we see for our past happy memories
jiu3 zoeng1 jau1 wat1 fu2 tung3 sai2 heoi3
I wish to wash away the pain, 
jau4 cing4 mat6 ji3 ngo5 jyun6 gei3 ceoi2
nd recall our shared sweet moments
jiu3 koeng4/koeng5/goeng6 jan2 lei4 cing4 leoi6
Trying to hold back the tears, 

mei6 heoi2 taa1 hoeng3 haa6 seoi4
and not letting them fall
愁如鎖 眉頭聚
sau4 jyu4 so2 mei4 tau4 zeoi6
Feeling frustrated, feeling stressed, 
bit6 lei4 leoi6 ci2 zung1 jiu3 haa6 seoi4
knowing that my tears will betray me

ngo5 ji5 ling6 nei5 faai3 lok6/ngok6
I had brought you happiness
nei5 jaa5 ling6 ngo5 ci1 ci1 zeoi3
you have dwelled me with with your tenderness
nei5 ji5 zoi6 ngo5 sam1
You are deeply inside my heart
bat1 bit1 zoi3 man6 gei3 zoek6/ seoi4
you would not need to doubt the person that I love
lau4 zyu6 ngaan5 leoi5 mui5 dik1 leoi6
You still holding back my tears
wai46 ho4 jing4 dyun6/dyun3/tyun5 zuk6 lau4 mak6 mak6 seoi4
Yet they fall silently

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