Leslie Cheung 張國榮 – Monica 歌詞 Lyrics Romanized

Leslie Cheung 張國榮 – Monica 歌詞 Lyrics Romanized | 張國榮 Monica 歌詞

Leslie Cheung 張國榮 - Monica 歌詞 Lyrics Romanized | 張國榮 Monica 歌詞

Singer: Leslie Cheung 張國榮

Album: 哥哥的前半生

Title: Monica

English Title: Monica 

nei5 ji5 wong5 oi3 ngo5 oi3 ngo5 bat1 gu3 jat1 cai3
zoeng1 jat1 sang1/saang1 cing1/ceng1 ceon1 hei1 saang1 kap1 ngo5 gwong1 fai1
hou2 do1 ze6 jat1 tin1 nei5 goi2 bin3 liu5 ngo5
mou4 jin4 loi4 fung6 hin3
jau4 cing4 soeng4 ling6 ngo5 go3 sam1 jau5 kwai5
seoi4 nang4 doi6 tai3 nei5 dei6 wai6

nei5 ji5 wong5 gaau3 ngo5 gaau3 ngo5 lyun2 oi3 zan1 dai3
zi2 ho2 sik1 co1 sang1/saang1 zi1 fu2 zoeng1 nei5 tai2 dai1
hou2 do1 ze6 fan1/fan6 sau2 nei5 kai2 faat3 liu5 ngo5
kei4 kau4 jyun4 ​​loeng6 ngo5
jau4 cing4 ceoi4 mung6 heoi3 nei5 bat1 jiu3 gai3
seoi4 nang4 doi6 tai3 nei5 dei6 wai6

soeng2 dong13 co1 taai3 zi6 wai6
zoeng1 zan1 sam1 dong13 si6 ngai6
dong13 gwong1 jam1 ji5 zim6 sai6
方知它珍貴 你已有依歸
fong1 zi1 taa1 zan1 gwai3 nei5 ji5 jau5 ji1 gwai1
fu6 liu5 nei5 co3/cok3 oi3
ci2 mei5 mung6 wing5 jyun5 cong4 jyu1 sam1 dai2

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