Beyond – Hoi Fut Tin Hung 海闊天空 Lyrics 歌詞 with English Translation

Beyond – Hoi Fut Tin Hung 海闊天空 Lyrics 歌詞 Romanized with English Translation | Beyond海闊天空歌詞

Singer: Beyond

Album: Hoi Fut Tin Hung 海闊天空

Title: Hoi Fut Tin Hung 海闊天空

English Title: 

今天我 寒夜裡看雪飄過

gam1 tin1 ngo5 hon4 je6 leoi5 hon3 syut3 piu1 gwo3

Today, I see the swirl of snowflakes in a cold night


fung1 jyu5 leoi5 zeoi1 gon2

I (too) swirl afar with a chilled heart


mou6 leoi5 fan1/fan6 bat1 cing1 jing2 zung1

Chasing (you) in the wind and rain


tin1 hung1 hoi2 fut3 nei5 jyu5 ngo5

Unable to find (our) traces in the mist


ho2 wui bin3 (seoi4 mut6 zoi6 bin3)

Boundless oceans vast skies. Would you and I change? (Who is not changing?)

多少次 迎著冷眼與嘲笑

do1 siu23 ci3 jing4 zoek6/ laang5 ngaan5 jyu5 zaau1 siu3

Many times, I faced up to cold hard stares and sneers


cung4 mut6 jau5 fong3 hei3 gwo3 sam1 zung1 dik1 lei5 soeng2

Never have I given up the ideal in my heart


jat1 caat3/saat3 naa5 fong2 fat1

Dazed for a second


joek6 jau5 so2 sat1 dik1 gam2 gok3/gaau3

I felt as if something was missing


bat1 zi1 bat1 gok3/gaau3 ji5 bin3 daam6/taam5

Without realization, it has faded


sam1 leoi5 oi3 (seoi4 ming4 baak6 ngo5)

The love in my heart (Who understands me?)


jyun4 ​​loeng6 ngo5 ze5 jat1 sang1/saang1 bat1 gei1 fong3 zung3/zung1 oi3 zi6 jau4

Forgive me for being unruly and untamed and loving freedom all my life


jaa5 wui paa3 jau5 jat1 tin1 wui dit3 dou2/dou3

I too fear I might fall down someday

背棄了理想 誰人都可以

bui6 hei3 liu5 lei5 soeng2 seoi4 jan4 dou1 ho2 ji5

Abandoning the ideal (for a life of ease)—everyone can do it


naa5 wui paa3 jau5 jat1 tin1 zi2 nei5 gung6 ngo5

I’m not afraid even if one day there are only you and me


jing4 jin4 zi6 jau4 zi6 ngo5

Still free and independent


wing5 jyun5 gou1 coeng3 ngo5 go1 zau2 pin3 cin1 lei5

Forever singing my own song out loud, going everywhere

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