Learn Chinese Through Song: 7 Best Song List

One of the good ways to learn Chinese is through listening Chinese songs. As a lot of studies stated that music could offer many advantages for learning a new language.

Singing new words (the lyrics of the song) will make you easier to remember new words, so listening a song will help you with memorization and improve your vocabulary list.

Because of that, we try to make a list of Easy-listening Chinese songs that surely will help you Learn Chinese, faster and more fun and engaging.

Top 7 Easy-listening Chinese Songs To Help You Learn Chinese

The songs that we picked here are the Mandarin-learner favorite songs that mixed between new songs, 2000s, and classic songs that will be perfect way to help you learn Chinese.

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Top 7 Easy-listening Chinese Songs To Help You Learn Chinese More Fun and Faster

Michael Wong 光良 – Fairy Tale 童话 (Tong Hua)

A wonderful song from Michael Wong. Well, if you are interested in Chinese I bet you’ve already familiar with this song. I’m pretty sure that this song is one of the most popular Chinese song ever. Even this song was released almost 20 years ago, the popularity of this song has never declined until now. This is one of the best songs I recommend to help you Learn Chinese through songs.

你要相信 相信我们会像童话故事里
nǐ yào xiāngxìn xiāngxìn wǒmen huì xiàng tónghuà gùshì lǐ
You must believe, believe that we will be like in the fairy tale
xìngfú kuàilè shì jiéjú
Happiness and joy is the ending

Full lyrics: Guang Liang 光良 – Tong Hua 童话 Lyrics

Why I recommend this song: 

  • Slow-paced song, will help you to understand the lyrics better
  • The words of the lyrics are easy to understand too
  • One of the most popular Chinese song ever

Silence Wang 汪苏泷 ft. By2 – A Bit Sweet 有点甜 

An amazingly sweet song from Silence Wang featuring By2. This is a cute song, the voice, instruments are just awesome. This song is also a one of the official sound track of popular Chinese drama Love 020 which aired in 2016. I’m sure you will enjoy this song.

shì nǐ ràng wǒ de shìjiè cóng nà kè biànchéng fěnhóng sè
You’re the one who made my world turn pink from that moment
shì nǐ ràng wǒ de shēnghuó cóngcǐ dōu zhǐyào nǐ pèihé
You’re the one who made all I want in my life from now on is just be with you

Full lyrics: Silence Wang 汪蘇瀧 ft. BY2 – A Little Sweet 有點甜 Lyrics

Why I recommend this song:

  • It is a cheerful song, make it more fun to learn Mandarin
  • There are lot of interesting vocabulary
  • The lyrics are easy to understand

Teresa Teng 邓丽君 – As Sweet As Honey 甜蜜蜜

Tian Mi Mi is one of the most popular songs from very famous singer, Teresa Teng. This song title was commonly translated as “As sweet as honey”, but literally it means “very sweet”. Indeed, this song is as sweet as its title. The melody is very enjoyable to listen, the lyrics are awesome, too: simple but sweet. Indeed, Tian Mi Mi is one of the best song to help you learn Chinese through songs.

甜蜜蜜, 你 笑 得 甜蜜蜜
Tiánmìmì, nǐ xiào dé tiánmìmì
Sweet, your smile is so sweet
好像 花儿 开 在 春 风 里
Hǎo xiàng huār kāi zài chūn fēng lǐ 
Just like the flowers bloom in the spring breeze

Why I recommend this song:

  • Sweet melodic, easy to listening
  • The lyrics is simple, easy to understand
  • Memorable song

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Da Zhuang 大壮 – We Are Different 我们不一样

If you are a fan of rock-ish song, this song will suit perfectly with you. A hit from the famous Chinese singer, Da Zhuang. This song tell us about a friendship, so the lyrics is friendship-themed. It will help you add some new Mandarin vocabularies.

我們不一樣 雖然會經歷不同的事情
wǒmen bù yīyàng suīrán huì jīnglì bùtóng de shìqíng
We are different, although going through different things
我們都希望 來生還能相遇
wǒmen dōu xīwàng lái shēng hái néng xiāngyù
We all hope that we can meet again in the next life

Full lyrics: Da Zhuang 大壯 – We Are Different 我們不一樣 (Wo Men Bu Yi Yang) Lyrics

Why I recommend this song:

  • Unique style, there are not easy to find a Chinese rock song.
  • Great addition of vocabulary.

Eason Chan 陈奕迅 – Long Time No See 好久不见

Hao Jiu Bu Jian is one of the great hit from Hongkonger star, Eason Chan. Even this song was released in 2007, this song is still popular by now. This is another slow song in this list, so it will be great to practice your listening. For you who have learning Chinese for sometime, I’m sure you will be familiar with some part of lyrics in this song, like: 咖啡店 (kā fēi diàn), 好久不见 (hǎo jiǔ bú jiàn)

对你说一句 只是说一句

Duì nǐ shuō yī jù zhī shì shuō yī jù

To tell you a sentence, only a sentence


Hǎo jiǔ bú jiàn

Long time no see

Why I recommend this song:

  • Slow paced song, will help you understand the lyrics better
  • A lot of familiar vocabulary for beginner to help you learn Chinese through song
  • Well, it is a good song

Eric Chou 周兴哲 – Enough 受够

Another song that you can use to learn Chinese through song is a new song from new rising star, Eric Chou. Enough is part of his latest album that very popular in Taiwan. It is a slow-paced song, easy to listen, and the most important thing is that this song is very enjoyable to listen. This song’s music video in YouTube has been watched by more than 5 million people until now, it’s not surprised me at all because this song is one of the most popular Chinese songs in 2020. Try to watch it, it’s worth to watch.

后悔 对你说 反正 我不难过
hòuhuǐ duì nǐ shuō fǎnzhèng wǒ bù nánguò
I regret saying to youDoesn’t matter, I am not sad at all”
再找不到 像你的人 等着我
zài zhǎo bù dào xiàng nǐ de rén děngzhe wǒ
I will not find someone like you, waiting for me

Full lyrics: Eric Chou 周興哲 – Enough 受夠 (Shou Gou) Lyrics

Why I recommend this song:

  • Slow paced song, will help you understand the lyrics better
  • One of the most popular Mandarin song at the moment

Zhao Lei 赵雷 – Chengdu 成都

One of the most favorite Mandarin song of mine, Chengdu by Zhao Lei. Maybe you have know this that Chengdu is one of the city in China, the capital of Sichuan province in southwestern China. This song tell us about a lover story that happen in Chengdu, and somehow they have to apart. It is so interesting, isn’t it? Try to listen it and how do you feel? Anyway, this song is very good to help you learn Chinese better.

在那座陰雨的小城裡 我從未忘記你
zài nà zuò yīnyǔ de xiǎochéng lǐ wǒ cóng wèi wàngjì nǐ
In this small rainy city, I never forget you
成都 帶不走的 只有你
chéngdū dài bù zǒu de zhǐyǒu nǐ
Chengdu, I took everything away from here, except you

Full lyrics: Zhao Lei 趙雷 – Cheng Du 成都 Lyrics

Why I recommend this song:

  • Very enjoyable to listen.
  • Will help you understand the lyrics because of the slow-paced rhytm.
  • A great addition of new vocabulary


Still not finding your favorite song to help you learn Chinese? You can check our another list about Chinese song here:


So that is our list of top 7 easy-listening Chinese songs to help you learn Chinese better. Indeed, listening a new song will help you to grow your vocabulary list. You can constantly visit Musicacrossasia to know a new Mandarin songs. 

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I guess that’s all, thank you. Have a good day!

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