Eric Chou 周興哲 Trivia Quiz: Are You Real Eric Chou Fans?

Are you real fans of Eric Chou 周興哲? Prove it by achieve the high score in this Eric Chou 周興哲 trivia quiz.

About Eric Chou 周興哲:

Eric Chou (周興哲) is Taiwanese singer songwriter who achieved his great musical career in very young age. After moved back to Taiwan from Boston, USA, he debuted before 20 with his self-composed album that released in 2014. After that, his name keep soaring until now.

In 2019, he just released his latest musical album. It is the fourth album of the star. As usual, his song is got a big attention from the Chinese music lovers. One of the latest song, What’s Wrong got top ranking in some Chinese charts.

 Eric Chou often dubbed as the king of lovelorn people because of his typical sad and brokenhearted song. But in latest and previous album, he tried to make something new with the released of some new EDM songs in part of his album.

Eric Chou has a lot fans around the Chinese speaking countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong. Is not surprising that in Musicacrossasia, his lyrics and post about him are became one of the most viewed ever.

Only 7 of 10 people can score more than 80% on this trivia quiz, how about you? Don’t forget to share your score and tell your friend to take this quiz too.

Eric Chou 周興哲 Trivia Quiz

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