Eric 周興哲 – Old Days Lyrics 歌詞

Eric 周興哲 – Old Days Lyrics 歌詞 | 周興哲 Old Day 歌詞

Eric 周興哲 - Old Days Lyrics 歌詞 | 周興哲 Old Day 歌詞

Singer: Eric 周興哲
Album: Freedom
Title: Old Day
English Title: Old Day

Crash there’s a beating in my chest when I remember us
Love and my head is like a photo album saving up

I miss the way
I miss the way of the old days

How the world it keeps on changing try to slow it down
Feels Like I’m overwhelmed but now I’m missing you around

I miss the way
I miss the way of the old days

Cus we can’t be there anymore
Hate to see our memories fade
Wish that I could just hold it
And even though it’s in my mind
All I have are pictures of days
Can’t relive all the moments
The moments

I miss the way of the old days

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